Tuesday, 8 July 2014


So as you know from my previous post I went to IMATS in June! In this post I am going to share with you what I got there. Now I didn't actually get that much this year, only three things! However when I got home I placed an order on love-makeup and got a few things for my kit. They were also at IMATS so that is why I'm including them in the haul. 

So here it is, my IMATS haul.

On the bottom left I have the maq pro (yes maq not mac)lipstick palette in number 11.(£25) Above that there is the antibacterial makeup spray from the pro hygiene collection.(£15) Both of these are from love-makeup. Then moving on to my favourite high end foundation - makeup forever HD.(£19 at the show) Oh how I love this foundation! I also picked up a nyx lipgloss in Beige.(clearly not a beige colour). (£4.50 at the show) Also from NARS I got the blush in Orgasm. ( around the £15 mark at the show). 

The last thing I bought from love-makeup is this Zoeva Brush belt. Now I love the quality of Zoeva brushes so I thought this would be a good brand to go for when looking for a belt. It's great quality and I am really happy with it. I got this for around £17. 

So that's it folks, my IMATS haul for 2014. I'm hoping next year's will be better as I am determined to go on the Saturday! 

Frankie x

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