Monday, 12 January 2015

Wearable Purples| Autumn Eyes

I find people are always wanting to incorporate colour into their makeup. Purple is one of those colours that can be quite daunting to wear out. It can sometimes make your eyes look sore or like you haven't had much sleep. It's just about finding the right shade of purple for you. Some people would look great with a pop of colour under the lash-line, whereas others would suit a more subtle smokey eye. 

Here I created a lovely golden copper and aubergine purple smokey eye on my friend Amy. What I like to take into account when doing someone's makeup is their features. What colour their skin is - and whether they have a warm undertone (like Amy has) or a cooler undertone to the skin - think Nicole Kidman. Their hair and eye colour is also important when choosing colours you want to work with. 

The golden eye shadow works well with Amy's eye colour, as well as going well with the deeper purple shade used to smoke the look out on the outer corners. The contrast of the colours resembles the autumnal shades very well - which is what we were aiming for with this look. 

Products Used: 

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Foundation: MAC Face & Body - C2 
Concealer: Maybelline Anti Age Eye Eraser - Light 
Powder: MAC MSF Natural - Light 
Bronzer: NARS - Laguna 
Blush - MAC Peaches (a small amount)
Base: MAC Paint Pot - Painterly
Shadow: Urban Decay - Trick (Naked 3), MAC Blackberry and Carbon 
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies
Brows: HD Brows Pro Kit 
Lipstick - MAC - Rebel

I was really happy with the way the look turned out and I think it's a lovely way to include some colour into a look that you can quite easily wear out and about. If a bold lip isn't your thing a nude shade would suit this look just as well. 

Frankie x


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Affordable Eye Shadow Palette

 This Eye Shadow palette comes with 15 highly pigmented shades 

This 15 pan eye shadow palette from Born Pretty Store is a super affordable highly pigmented palette. I got sent this for review consideration a few months ago. And I have to say - I'm impressed. It comes with a range of matte, satin and shimmery shades. 

The texture of the shadows is very smooth, not crumbly like a lot of other more affordable palettes on the market. They feel a lot better quality than expected - really silky, no signs of chalkiness here! Not only are the satin shadows pigmented - but the mattes too. Each one gives off a lovely amount of product and blend beautifully. The shade range is a really safe neutral, with some urban decay inspired shades like the satin pinks and metallic blue grey's. 

I am however not a huge fan of the packaging. It is very cheap. The clasp works well, but looks wise - there's nothing going for it. It's plain black and doesn't contain a mirror either - which I didn't think would bother me, but actually it would be so much more useful to have one in. 

This palette retails for $8.99 - so really affordable! 

Overall I think this is a nice palette. It would be great for someone starting out in makeup or useful to have as a travel essential, if worried your more expensive makeup might get lost or broken. 

You can purchase this palette here if you are interested. 

You can get an additional 10% off your purchase if you use the code BPSH10 at the checkout. 

Look out for this on my YouTube Channel because I'll most likely be using it in one of my next makeup tutorials. 

Frankie x


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 In Review

2014 was a crazy year for me. I wanted to share with you some of the key moments from each month, here's my 2014 in review.

 Daisy,Holly,Jp,Me and Amy on my Birthday night out

Daisy, Holly and Myself posing for a Selfie


So I'll kick things off with my Birthday. Most people hate January - for whatever reason. But, obviously it's one of my favourite months of the year. These photo's are from the night we went out in town for some drinks for my 19th. I had a lovely night out, and kept bumping into people we knew, which is always nice I guess. 

 Turning Amy into a real life Elsa
Poor Holly had to carry that around on her head for 8 hours


In February we had our fashion show at college. It was a mad few weeks trying to organise what hairstyles and makeup we were doing - not to mention the clothes. I spent 11 hours putting hair up, making 2 models up as well as body painting and waiting around at rehearsals. But needless to say it was worth it in the end. I had a lot of fun despite being exhausted at the end of it. I got to turn Amy into Elsa from frozen - dream come true! I also have to give credit to Holly for having that huge heavy head piece on her head for god knows how many hours. Thanks for the help girls! 

 Amy, Myself and Maddison in Planet Hollywood

Amy and I in Annette's Diner having some Milkshakes! 


March was the month for some exciting things, we went to Paris! And not only did I get to do some wonderful site seeing but we also stayed in a Disney hotel which meant every night we got to go and eat in the Disney Village. If you don't know by now, I love Disney - as does Amy (blonde above). We were in our element. 

Another big thing that happened in March was going to the YouTube headquarters in London for the first time to meet the network I had signed up with this year. It was a lovely day. I met up with Abby earlier and we headed off to Google together to meet this lovely bunch. We ate cake, chatted and got to do some lighting activities in a workshop. 

The DailyMix Network 
 Look it's me at YouTube! 


So in April it was time for my beautiful sister's prom. I couldn't believe it was time for her Prom as it didn't feel that long ago that I had mine. I got to do her makeup (Obviously) and I think she looked lovely. 

Melissa looked so pretty for her Prom 

My last assessment piece at college - thanks for modeling Holly! 
I turned Maddison into a lion - roar!


May marked the month I finished my Makeup Diploma. I had such a lovely time at college studying makeup - it's one of the best things I've ever done. 

 Myself and Abby outside a pub in Kensington 
 Myself and Marc at IMATS 
 Me, Abby and Bonnie outside IMATS 

IMATS time - I have gone to IMATS for the last two years, and not going to lie it wasn't as good this year. I do feel it's because we had to go on the Sunday though so there weren't as many people about. One of the main objectives is to usually catch up with all your online makeup obsessed friends. As well as buying makeup of course. I did have a lovely time with Abby though, we went shopping and filmed on Saturday and then went out for drinks in the evening. This was only the second time I had met her yet it felt like I had know her ages! We bumped into Bonnie and Marc the next day too which was lovely. 

Nala - my baby nala. Well she's not so much baby anymore. This photo is of her when she's probably only 10 weeks old. How cute. It was about time our family had a little ball of fluff to love again and she is the perfect fit. 

 Doing some face painting for Deane Dragons 
 Got to paint this beast this year 


Another BIG month for me. I was asked by my Grandad - who's the Mayor in my town at the moment to paint a Dragon. Might sound a bit random but it was for an organisation called Deane Dragons. The objective was to have around 25 dragons to make a trail around our town and surrounding areas to raise money for Charity. I also had to copy someone's drawing so the design wasn't mine - I just painted it on. I then did a bit of face painting at the launch of the trail. 

I became a qualified Makeup Artist!! Such an exciting time. I also found out that I had got distinctions in all my assessments which was just a huge bonus. 

I was featured in the Observer Magazine with all the DailyMix Network. And trying to get a copy was hard work. I had finished work to see loads of messages telling me/ asking me if I had seen it, only to have to drive all the way back into town - to a petrol station, since it was a Sunday and after 4pm to actually get a copy. 


In August I got to collaborate with a friend from College on a photo shoot. I did a really nice purple smoky eye - which went well with the outfit choices I thought! I think the photo's came out wonderfully too. 


After doing the shoot with Flo I decided to have a go behind the camera myself. It's obviously amateur as I have no idea what I'm doing. But I think they came out pretty well! I loved the makeup I did on Amy - it was a very autumnal shoot, and very somerset haha. 

 With the SacconeJoly's 

 Got to meet Anna and Lily at the Party 
 Me and Zoe 
 With Tanya 
 I look vial in this photo but hey ho - met Casper too 
 Got to meet Marcus and Niomi 

 With Marc - or should I say Regina George? 
 Selfie with the girls, Hollie, Lois, Emily and Myself 
 Me and Jordan 
Me and Amy on a night out for Halloween 

So this month I turned myself into a Zombie for a Halloween Tutorial, I met some of the most well known British YouTubers at a Halloween Party and went out with my bestie for a night I'll never forget - for many different reasons. 

The YouTuber Halloween party has to be one of the highlights of my year for obvious reasons. But also just because it was such a fun evening. I got to party with all my YouTube friends, take advantage of the free bar, and dance until we all got told it had ended. 

Bus selfie with Megan and Matt

It's become some what of a tradition for me to go down to see Matt at Uni for Bonfire night weekend. So I went down to Bournemouth for a quick stay. We filmed an American candy tasting video, watched TV, went for a walk to Waitrose and to the fireworks. Megan and I didn't end up getting a toffee apple this year though which was obviously devastating. 

Daisy, me, Amy and Jp on the Ice 

And finally we end up with December. At beginning of the month a group of us went off to Bristol for the day to do a bit of shopping and Ice Skating, which I hadn't done for years and was a lot of fun despite it being really difficult. 

The rest of the month I basically spent at work. No joke - I had Christmas day off and that was it! Oh the joys of working in retail. 

So that was my year. Well a part of it anyway. This might just possibly be the longest blog post ever but I had a lot of fun going through finding photo's and reflecting back on my wonderful 2014. Happy New Year everyone - here's to 2015, have a good one. 

Frankie x


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ice Skating at @bristol and Christmas Markets

So last week my friends and I caught the train up to Bristol for a nice little Christmas day out. I hadn't been ice skating in years, and by years I mean since I was probably under 10! So, me being me thought it would be a good idea to do that - whilst also being able to do a bit of shopping and check out the German Market at Cabot Circus. 

It actually ended up being a rather entertaining day out, and I had such a great time. We don't all live in the same town anymore due to people being at Uni or living in a different County so it was nice for us all to meet up somewhere and spend the day together. Ice skating was well... scary at first. I couldn't let go of the rail, but after a few minutes decided I was going to skate properly - if the children in the rink could do it, so could I. And in the 45 minutes we were on there us girls got a lot better! JP of course was amazing as soon as he stepped foot on the ice. Typical. Ha. 

I did vlog the day so if you'd like to see a few surprises then head on over to my YouTube channel, or just watch the vlog below. 

I am hoping to actually get more into blogging next year. Lets see how it goes. Wish me luck. 

Frankie x 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


So as you know from my previous post I went to IMATS in June! In this post I am going to share with you what I got there. Now I didn't actually get that much this year, only three things! However when I got home I placed an order on love-makeup and got a few things for my kit. They were also at IMATS so that is why I'm including them in the haul. 

So here it is, my IMATS haul.

On the bottom left I have the maq pro (yes maq not mac)lipstick palette in number 11.(£25) Above that there is the antibacterial makeup spray from the pro hygiene collection.(£15) Both of these are from love-makeup. Then moving on to my favourite high end foundation - makeup forever HD.(£19 at the show) Oh how I love this foundation! I also picked up a nyx lipgloss in Beige.(clearly not a beige colour). (£4.50 at the show) Also from NARS I got the blush in Orgasm. ( around the £15 mark at the show). 

The last thing I bought from love-makeup is this Zoeva Brush belt. Now I love the quality of Zoeva brushes so I thought this would be a good brand to go for when looking for a belt. It's great quality and I am really happy with it. I got this for around £17. 

So that's it folks, my IMATS haul for 2014. I'm hoping next year's will be better as I am determined to go on the Saturday! 

Frankie x
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